Anja Kollmuss

Anja Kollmuss

Formal First Name

Anja Kollmuss is an independent research and policy analyst that develops and manages research projects at the intersection of energy, climate change, and sustainable development. Kollmuss has over 20 years of experience in climate mitigation policy analysis and communications. For more than 15 years she has researched and worked on the implementation of low-carbon strategies and energy-efficiency strategies for residential buildings. Previously, she was a Climate Expert at swisscleantech and a Staff Scientist at SEI, where she worked on climate mitigation policies at the global and EU level. She also worked with rural communities in India for over 10 years, helping them start micro-finance and educational programs.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Kollmuss was an Outreach and Project Coordinator at Tufts Climate Initiative, where she researched climate mitigation solutions for universities.

  • She evaluated and organized energy efficiency projects, and planned and organized workshops and conferences on climate change and green building.

  • She also published newsletters and white papers on energy efficiency technologies.

  • In addition, she frequently appears on speaking engagements at other universities and conferences.