Carter Williams

Carter Williams

Formal First Name

Carter Williams is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of iSelect Fund. Throughout his career, he has directly managed investments of over $600 million in early-stage ventures and corporate research, resulting in several billion dollars of new product revenues. Williams has dedicated his entire career working to innovation. First as a young engineer at McDonnell Douglas, next in his leadership roles at Boeing managing R&D and starting Boeing Ventures, and later as a successful entrepreneur and venture investor.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • As part of Boeing Phantom Works, Williams led Boeing’s technology planning process, involving all aspects of internal and external technology development and manufacturing research.
  • He was President of Gridlogix, initially a 4-person startup that grew over 3 years, selling successfully to Johnson Controls in October 2008.
  • He is the past President and Founder of the MIT Corporate Venturing Consortium and Co-Founder of the MIT Entrepreneurship Society.