Walter De Brouwer

Walter De Brouwer

Formal First Name
1957 - present

Walter De Brouwer is an internet and technology serial entrepreneur, known as the Founder and CEO of, a blockchain-based computational linguistics company. Walter joined Sharecare as Chief Scientific Officer in 2021 as part of its acquisition of He is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine’s Clinical Excellence Research Center and CEO of, a Harvard University spin-off that uses satellite data to map the impact of the exposome on human health. In addition, he is the Co-founder of Snowcrash, a fully-integrated, premier digital marketplace and creative production studio. Walter is an early investor in Bitcoin, Civic, Tokensoft, and Havvn (now Synthetix), the derivatives liquidity protocol. His current interests are in crypto economies, metaverse, tinyML, DeFi, 6G, and micro-satellite constellations. He is also an expert in financial engineering, NFTs, quantum computing, federated edge learning, and information theory.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Stanford, he lectures and mentors the CERC fellows as they design and research innovative high value, low-cost care models.

  • He is the course director for “Innovation in Healthcare: from idea to incorporation,” which includes a bi-weekly presentation.

  • He serves on the advisory committee focused on the strategic direction for the program and is part of the leadership team.

  • He is a visiting professor at Yale School of Management, and a Stanford MD Admissions MMI Rater.


  • After moving to Silicon Valley in 2011, he founded Scanadu Inc., a $57m venture-backed mobile health company.

  • He co-founded Starlab SA with Nicholas Negroponte. Starlab is a deep future research lab on wearable computing.

  • He co-founded PING, the European internet backbone which merged with Qwest Communications.

  • In 1994 he co-founded one of the pioneers of online job boards in Europe called Jobscape which merged into Stepstone ASA.

  • He started as an academic lecturer at the Jesuit University of Antwerp, Belgium, but left in 1989 to become an entrepreneur.