Beautiful Pictures

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Beautiful Pictures: From the Gallery of Phinance

Economists have long insisted the market is efficient and random, with no relationship between one move and the next. So you can imagine how investors would feel if they could see the striking similarities between a recent price chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and one from over 70 years ago. Beautiful Pictures contains charts that display stunning relationships in both price and time that appear repeatedly over the decades. The vast web of market similarities exposed in this book presents the opportunity to understand patterns. Those who take advantage of that opportunity will discover a thrilling new market perspective.

  • In Beautiful Pictures, Robert Prechter exposes a web of instances in which major waves in the stock market during the 20th century are in Fibonacci proportion to each other in time and/or price.

  • Robert Prechter expands substantially upon R.N. Elliott's observation that the Fibonacci sequence and ratio govern the extent of stock market prices.

  • He reveals instance after instance from the previous century in which major stock market waves are in precise Fibonacci proportion to each other.