Financial Times Guide to Investing for Income

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Financial Times Guide to Investing for Income: Grow Your Income Through Smarter Investing

Financial Times Guide to Income Investing is the complete reference guide for all investors wanting their shares and investments to provide market-beating and continuous income. It is the definitive guide to using investments such as equities, bonds, and derivative structures, as a source of income. Beginning with an introduction describing the basics of risk, return, volatility, structure, inflation, and investing, the book introduces the simplest and safest products and funds before moving on to those higher-risk strategies that will pay the highest income.

Praise for Financial Times Guide to Investing for Income

"David’s knowledge of the practical side of investing for income is second to none. This excellent book is a very readable resource for income investors of all levels."

Dominic Picarda, Associate Editor, Investors Chronicle

"David Stevenson skilfully pulls apart the jargon so favored by some in the financial services industry to produce a robust and invaluable guide to producing a decent income from your investments. This is a book which should be read by everyone from the comfortably affluent to those with more modest wealth because seeking an income crosses the wealth brackets."

Lawrence Gosling, editorial director of Investment Week