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The Lightning Trend Trader is a premium publication delivering providing research service that will ultimately teach you how to “ride the lightning.” This may sound odd, but it’s really quite simple. Marc Lichtenfeld focuses his research on discovering the catalysts that send stocks soaring. Often, he uncovers a biotech stock that’s ready to pop, but it could just as easily be a player in the energy world or a small technology company. The main objective is to help you cash in on the biggest biotech breakthroughs. The key is that once the lightning strikes, big profits follow.


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“How to Become a Drug Royalty Millionaire in 1 Year

Get all the details on what’s potentially the biggest recommendation of my career in this special report.

“The Genesis Cure: How to Profit from the Biggest Medical Breakthrough in History

Inside, you’ll learn about a technology so powerful, it can edit human DNA... giving it the potential to wipe out up to 4,800 diseases and take over a $1 trillion market.

“The Safer Painkiller: How to Capture a 1,000% Profit on the Next Biotech Blockbuster”

Inside, you’ll find the story (and ticker symbol) of a small company waging war on the opioid crisis. Its patented painkiller is nearly impossible to abuse, so it’s far safer for people who truly need help with pain.