The Primal Prescription

Full Name
The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole

The Primal Prescription offers a shocking, disturbing, and ultimately enlightening view into America’s health care system. The authors aim to equip readers with the background, the comprehension, and the tools needed to navigate our increasingly precarious medical system. You’ll discover the real history of what went wrong with U.S. health care and insurance, and why current efforts to clean up the mess are only making things worse. Whether you’re currently tangled in America’s broken health care system or simply trying to avoid its clutches, The Primal Prescription is a must-have resource for taking your health into your own hands.

  • In Primal Prescription, authors Doug McGuff, MD and Robert P. Murphy, PhD, combine their expertise in economics and medicine to offer a shocking, disturbing, and ultimately enlightening view into America’s health care system.

  • This book equips you with both the knowledge to understand the health care conundrum and the tools for navigating your way of it.

  • McGuff and Murphy offer an evidence-based “game plan” for taking control of your own medical care, protecting yourself and your loved ones regardless of what the future holds for the rest of the nation.

  • It fills in the medical gaps left by The Primal Blueprint, and in so doing, completes the vision the authors set into motion years ago.

What You Can Expect from The Primal Prescription

  1. How the American health care system evolved to its current incompetent state

  2. Why Medicare is ultimately a Ponzi Scheme—and why its collapse is imminent

  3. Why the FDA is even more dangerous than you think

  4. How "health insurance" is an entirely different beast than "health care"—and why conflating the two is perilous

  5. Why Obamacare is, at its core, a matter of "health redistribution"

  6. How to change your diet and lifestyle to dramatically reduce your risk of the Western world's biggest killers

  7. How to choose a doctor who will fight for your health and well-being

  8. How to safely wean yourself off unnecessary medications

  9. How to advocate for and ensure you receive the highest standard of care when you are in the hospital

  10. How to determine which medical screenings and elective procedures you do (and don't) need

  11. And much, much more