Total Yield Value Guide

Total Yield Value Guide provides an extensive financial analysis of high total yield and deep value stocks. It focuses on companies that have attractive balance sheets and operating models. Members will receive the ideas and the conviction to understand this approach and to succeed in a full value approach. The service includes exclusive articles, spreadsheets, and commentary on stocks that underpin the analysis.


  • A tracker of Hake's Total Yield Value Guide stocks, including price targets and updated yields
  • Exclusive articles on his best ideas in the Total Yield Value mold
  • Spreadsheet models on most of the stocks that he writes up that can be downloaded
  • Free preview of any analysis on stocks he writes up for Seeking Alpha's free service, including the draft that is submitted to editors for approval
  • Direct access to Hake, including the ability to request his original spreadsheet analysis on any given stock in Excel form, so you can understand the full model and gain more confidence in the analysis presented
  • A chat room to discuss with others the various stocks and spreadsheets