Matthews Asia

Matthews Asia is an independent investment firm that manages a wide range of Asia-focused investment solutions on behalf of global institutions, advisors, and individual investors. The firm conducts in-depth fundamental research to identify the most attractive opportunities with portfolios that differ substantially from benchmarks, with high active share. It offers several ways to access growth opportunities in Asia and broader emerging markets.


Long-term Focus

Through in-person, on-the-ground fundamental research, Matthews Asia develops an understanding of the economic forces driving growth in asia and an insight into the businesses that are best positioned to thrive.

Active Management

Matthews Asia actively manages portfolios based on nearly 30 years of experience in selecting asian equities. It drills down into lesser-known businesses, including assessing financial positions, resource allocation decisions, incentive structures, ownership history, governance practices to identify long-term opportunities that may not be visible to others.

Fundamental Research

In evaluating a prospective portfolio company, Matthews Asia seeks solid companies with sound fundamentals, strong balance sheets, viable business models and the ability to maintain reasonable growth rates over the long term. 

At the portfolio level, Matthews Asia continually monitors a variety of risks within each portfolio, at both the security and macro levels. If significant concerns arise, the firm re-examines any affected holdings.

Assets under management: $30.2 billion (as of March 31, 2021)