Modern Money Group

Modern Money Group is a leading research firm that explores the uses, benefits, and investment opportunities of the virtual currency ecosystem. It aims to understand the strategic and tactical developments in this space to educate the masses through thoughtful commentary. Modern Money Group is on a three-part mission to provide the insights and information you need to utilize, invest, and educate yourself on virtual currencies.


Modern Money Group provides high-quality research on the virtual currency arena through The Modern money Letter - a free service providing analysis, commentary, and data on key developments, trends, and opportunities in this space.


  • Modern Money Group provides customized consulting services in the area of virtual currencies. It primarily covers:
  • How will digital currencies disrupt my business????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • How can I use digital currencies to grow my business????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Is it legal to transact in digital currencies?
  • How do I start using digital currencies?
  • What specific legal & regulatory requirements apply to businesses in my industry or jurisdiction?
  • Does this make sense for me or my business????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Modern Money Group provides access and advice to those looking to invest in the virtual currency ecosystem.