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O'Reilly Media is an internationally recognized, multi-faceted media company that has played an influential role in the internet revolution. Since 1978, O’Reilly has been a chronicler and catalyst of technology development, imparting the world-shaping ideas of innovators through books, articles, conferences, and online learning platforms. The company has played an enormous role in the evolution and adoption of the World Wide Web, open source software, big data, and the Maker movement. The company has educated a generation of technologists, entrepreneurs, and shaped the dialogue about the future direction of the industry. O'Reilly books have been heralded for decades as the definitive place to learn about the technologies that are shaping the future.


  • O'Reilly has focused on creating the best technical learning content for more than four decades.

  • O’Reilly offers a powerful combination of highly trusted content and unique learning experiences to allow you to work smarter and stay ahead.

  • The O’Reilly learning platform offers exclusive live training, interactive learning, a certification experience, books, videos, and more.

  • With interactive learning, teams get hands-on experience with tech like Kubernetes, Python, Docker, Java, and more—in safe live dev environments.


  • CONTENT – 60k+ titles, 30k+ hours of video, hundreds of live events, 700+ interactive sandboxes and scenarios, and 200+ top publishers

  • COVERAGE – Cloud computing, software architecture, infrastructure and operations, programming languages, AI and machine learning, and more.

  • CURATION – Handpicked content collections from top innovators, beginner to expert-level resources, & certification prep from vendors

  • CUSTOMIZATION – Tailored learning experience with real-time personalized recommendations, & create and share personal playlists