The ITEX Group

Founding Date

ITEX is a real estate development, management, investment, and construction firm specializing in the development, acquisition, and property management of properties across the US. ITEX has successfully completed numerous Affordable Housing projects using Tax Credits, Capital Funds, CDBG grants, HOME funds, private equity and loans, and other grants. Throughout its various projects, ITEX has established a wonderful reputation with HUD and other federal, state, and local housing agencies. The company manages multifamily and commercial space to create revenue and profit for investors by providing quality service. ITEX team specializes in the recruitment and retention of top-tier talent in order to ensure optimal performance. ITEX is able to incorporate state-of-the-art designs, Green Building standards, and Energy Star appliances to ensure best in-class and best-in-market properties.

  • ITEX prides itself in being able to create the perfect living space for every individual and every lifestyle through its property complexes.

  • The company is committed to maintaining industry-leading standards of maintenance, compliance, and community management.

  • The company is involved in designing, developing and constructing high-quality property assets that incorporate state of the art design.

  • The company currently owns and/or manages 65 multi-family communities, offering homes to more than 7,000 families.

ITEX is a proud member of: