Gambling - Industry


The Gambling industry involves establishments that operate by providing and rendering Gambling facilities or offer Gambling activities which includes casinos, casino resorts and hotels, bingo halls, lotteries, and off-track betting. Also including Gambling facilities such as slot machines and sports betting, this sector also involves legal online gaming and casino-type games that have been emerging with new technologies such as hybrid games, virtual reality and augmented reality. Casinos are now introducing hybrid table games with a combination of online and land-based casino games.

Sports Betting
  • In May 2018 the US Supreme Court rules that each state could make its own rules in regards to all aspects of gambling
    • Previously sports better was limited
  • The American Gaming Association estimates that $100 Billion is wagered on spots bets per year in the United States (2018)
    • ]Much of this was "illegal" before the May 2018 court ruling