Memory - Industry


Semiconductor memory technology has been developing at a fast rate to meet the growing needs of the electronics industry. As memories become a key part of systems architecture, there has been a considerable amount of research being invested in new types of semiconductor memory technology. Semiconductor memory is used in any electronics assembly that uses computer processing technology. Semiconductor memory is the essential electronics component needed for any computer based PCB assembly.

DRAM Industry Trends
  • DRAM = (Dynamic Random Access Memory)
  • DRAM has historically been a cyclical and competitive industry (commodity)
    • Prices and margins were low
  • Bankruptcies and Mergers since 2000 have reduce the playing field to 3 main players
    • Micron, Samsung, SKy Hynix
  • Growth in memory intensive industries (Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Cars, 5g, Data Centers etc) have drive up demand