Artur Osinski

Artur Osinski

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Artur Osinski is a UK-based journalist and a Producer at Real Vision, a disruptive financial media platform. Prior to joining RV in 2022, he was formerly a writer and copy editor at CNN, with primary focus on broadcast news scripts across all CNN International shows, including Quest Means Business, Hala Gorani Tonight, and Connect the World with Becky Anderson, among others. Before that, he was a Freelance Producer of Al Jazeera Media Network's "The Listening Post," responsible for the show's lead package and liaising with other local filming crews. He has also done stints at Magazyn Press, BBC News, and Telewizja.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Osinski was a freelance writer for Magazyn Press, Poland's leading journalism industry bimonthly magazine, where he analyzed the latest media trends.

  • He was a freelance editor at BBC News, where he worked on multiple election nights as well as the Scottish independence referendum.

  • He also had experience as a field producer, working with British, Japanese, Italian and Polish media.

  • He also did research, booking interviews, arranging travels, translating, and sharing local knowledge, as well as editorial input.