David Shaw

David Shaw

Formal First Name
1951 - present

David Shaw is the Founder of D.E. Shaw, a global investment manager based in New York City. He set up an executive committee in 2002 to oversee the company and has since stepped away from its daily operations. While Shaw remains involved in higher-level strategic decisions affecting the investment management businesses of the D.E. Shaw, he dedicates the great majority of his time to his role as Chief Scientist of D. E. Shaw Research. In this new endeavor, Shaw leads an interdisciplinary research group in the field of computational biochemistry and personally engages in hands-on scientific research in that field.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Since 2001, Dr. Shaw has devoted his time to hands-on research in the field of computational biochemistry.
  • His lab is currently involved in the development of new algorithms and machine architectures for high-speed biomolecular simulations.
  • He also focuses on the application of high-speed biomolecular simulations to basic scientific research and computer-aided drug design.
  • He was appointed to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology by President Clinton in 1994, and again by President Obama in 2009.
  • He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007, to the National Academy of Engineering in 2012, and to the National Academy of Sciences in 2014.
  • He is a two-time winner of the ACM Gordon Bell Prize.