Howard Morgan

Howard Morgan

Formal First Name
1946 - present

Dr. Howard Morgan is the Chairman of B Capital Group, an investment fund specializing in global technology companies. Despite having retired in 2017, he played an integral role in building First Round from the ground up. His research on user interface technology and on optimization of computer networks brought the ARPANET to Philadelphia in 1974. He also advised corporate and government agencies on their use. According to Business Week, Dr. Morgan is reported to be associated with 28 board members in 28 organizations across 31 different industries.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Dr. Morgan began his career as an academic, as a Professor of Decision Sciences and Computer Sciences and Com at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • He has served on a number of public company Boards, including Franklin Electronic Publishers and Internet Brands, Inc.
  • He serves on the boards of a number of private companies and as a Trustee of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. 
  • He also serves as a Director of Idealab, where he was a founding investor in 1996.
  • He is a contributing writer for Business Insider. 
  • He has been President of the Arca Group since 1989, a venture capital firm focused on computer and communications technologies.
  • He partnered with other investors to form First Round Capital, which has invested in companies including LinkedIn, Square, and Uber.


  • Dr. Morgan was named Delaware Valley Entrepreneur of the Year in 1997.
  • He ranked #12 in the 2011 Top 30 Most Respected Venture Capitalist list.
  • He has been listed on the Forbes 2009 list of Executives and Directors.