Kristina Koutrakos

Kristina Koutrakos

Formal First Name

Kristina Koutrakos is the Director of Portfolio Strategy at Virginia Retirement System. She is responsible for identifying and implementing cross-asset class portfolios and thematic mandates across VRS. Koutrakos has been an investor in the asset management industry for nearly 20 years. She interacts with asset managers, research firms, and investment companies around the globe. Fascinated by big data analytics and machine learning, Koutrakos worked at large management firms earlier in her career to familiarize herself with the resources available.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Koutrakos started her career on the portfolio management teams at Western Asset Management.
  • She spent over 20 years deploying capital and investing across market cycles and asset classes. 
  • She has managed funds for some of the largest asset management firms in the world.
  • She has provided guidance and strategy for some of the smallest as they built their brands and expanded their investment processes.