Phillip Wang

Phillip Wang

Formal First Name

Phillip Wang is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gather, a video-chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. Phillip believes that Gather is a start of a metaverse where people can choose to live their lives without the constraints of the physical world. A technologist and builder at heart, he spent a great year at Siempre where built and explored better ways to have relationships over a lifetime. He is also skilled in researching and working with artificial intelligence technology to learn how it can have a positive impact in real-world settings. Previously, Phillip conducted research in meta-learning with Brandon Amos and released the first open-source implementation of SNAIL, a popular meta-learning architecture.

Professional Experience

Academic History




  • Holochat (Holographic 3D video chat)

  • Subtle Asian Matches (Dating app with 20k+ users)

  • SquareCraft (Multiplayer strategy game)

  • PyTorch Implementation of SNAIL

  • Strategy Extraction using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

  • RoboVote (Voting website for collective decisions)

  • Hands Free Texting (Android phone application)



  • Facebook: Worked on data science and full stack engineering for the Marketing Automation team

  • Cruise Automation: Built deep learning models for object detection and image segmentation tasks.

  • Microsoft: Designed, built, and evaluated machine learning model for intelligent inferences on user intents in emails and event extraction