Roman Storm

Roman Storm

Formal First Name

Roman Storm is Co-Founder of Tornado Cash, the developer of a fully decentralized protocol designed for private transactions on Ethereum. Tornado Cash’s products include governance tools, mining solutions, compliance tools and more, and features protocol parameters and token distribution that are controlled by the community via governance. He is also a Co-Founder and Blockchain Consultant at PepperSec, a consulting agency for security audits and custom development. At PepperSec, he provides scalable solutions for massive consumption tomorrow, and collaborates across boundaries with client's team to create compelling products. Roman is passionate about providing simple solutions to complex problems, and thriving off of making meaningful connections with people. He is an experienced software engineer specializing in data driven feature validation, and distributed systems scaling and performance optimization, among others.


  • Roman defines an architecture for customers by discussing their product requirements.

  • He trains and manages a team of engineers, designers and project leads to launch products from idea stage to mvp, beta, v1, and v2 stages.

  • He works on various DeFi projects: AAVE, 0x,, dydx, compound, makerdao

  • He writes smart contracts in Solidity, React.js Dapps and Vue.js Dapps.



  • Tornado Cash improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between recipient and destination addresses.

  • Using Tornado Cash, transactions are mixed using zero-knowledge proofs, and these completely obfuscate the transaction information.

  • Users accrue Anonymity Points as they interact with the protocol, which are then deposited into a shielded account.



  • Technical planning and execution under agile methodologies

  • Microservice architectures

  • Building continuous integration / deployment processes

  • Puppeteer / Selenium BDD for modern front end development

  • HTTP/HTTPS/Websockets based backend development

  • Preferred Programming Languages: JavaScript/Typescript, Solidity, Go, Python, Ruby, C/C++

  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic search, Redis

  • Building isomorphic React/Vue.js native apps using graphQL-like interfaces