Shubham Garg

Shubham Garg

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Shubham Garg is the Founder and CEO of White Tundra Investments, an investment management firm that explores business opportunities and ideas in oil & gas, real estate, stocks, and other ventures. In his role, Shubham manages White Tundra Investments' portfolio focused on undervalued Canadian Oil & Gas E&Ps. He is also the Founder and CEO of White Tundra Resources, a provider of field operations and field engineering support to oil & gas companies. White Tundra is Shubham’s attempt in sharing his knowledge and simplifying Oil & Gas investing in order to attract more interest in the sector from those employed in our industry, retail investors, millennials, and ESG-focused investors. Having worked in the energy sector throughout his career, Shubham has been using his boots-on-the-ground knowledge combined with his detailed financial analysis and education in petroleum engineering to achieve long-term capital growth. In addition, Shubham has also established his skillset as a chemical and paraffin program specialist.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Shubham utilizes his 4+ years of field experience across Alberta and Saskatchewan in his ventures at White Tundra.

  • He worked directly with various chemical companies in the Grande Prairie area, focusing on solving and managing wax deposition in wells.

  • He also supervised and managed wireline operations for dewaxing, swabbing, plunger installs, tool fishing, and clean-outs.

  • At Modern Resources, he worked on field leadership, operations, engineers and technicians to optimize production and maximize runtimes.

  • He worked at Prairie Thunder Resources, where he worked with engineers to identify field optimization projects and increase safety.