Yin Wu

Yin Wu

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Yin Wu is the Founder and Head of Customer Success at Pulley, a company that offers a cap table management platform designed to help startup founders, employees and investors monitor their equity information. Yin is a 4-peat founder, one of which led to an acquisition by Microsoft, and three of which, including Pulley, went through YC. She co-founded several companies since graduating from Stanford in 2011, including a computer vision company called Double Labs that sold to Microsoft, where she stayed on for a couple of years as a software engineer. At Microsoft, she was a developer and PM on LOOP which built background contextual services including location intelligence, and Android system apps. She was also the Founder of DIRT Protocol, a computer software for decentralized information curation.

Professional Experience

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  • Pulley helps you attract better talent, fundraise smarter and stay compliant with the top-rated cap table solution.

  • It can handle the entire process for issuing equity from offer letters to signed legal agreements to board approvals, all on the one tool.

  • Helps with employee equity plan management, 409A valuations, electronic option exercises, machine learning for data entry, digital certificates, and pro forma modeling.



  • Yin was part of the Microsoft team that launched Next Lock Screen and Arrow Launcher, apps that were featured on the Google Play Store, and earned more than 10M organic downloads.

  • She was Co-founder of Oven Labs, a computer vision tech that augments images into streaming video for real time product placement.



  • She was an intern for CrowdFlower, where she was involved in front-end development and user experience research.

  • As a tech associate for Komaza, she analyzed rural wood market demand, and developed a mobile app to collect information on farmer expenditures.