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Typically referred to as shareholder’s equity, it represents the amount of money that would be returned to a shareholder if all of the assets were liquidated, and the company’s debt was paid off. It is a degree ownership in any asset after subtracting all debts associated with that asset, representing the shareholder’s stake in the company. One of the most common financial metrics employed by analysts to assess the financial health of a company, it can also represent a company’s book value.

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Asset Classes

Bank Preferreds


O’Shaughnessy Asset Management
Arbor Research & Trading, LLC
Avalon Investment & Advisory
Behind the Balance Sheet
CFRA Research
Cardone Capital
Cboe Global Markets
Chaikin Analytics LLC
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Churchill Management Group
Cowen Inc.
Dana Investment Advisors
Epoch Investment Partners, Inc
Investment Banking Institute
Lombard Odier Investment Managers
Montag & Caldwell
Nasdaq Stock Exchange
NewSouth Capital
North Star Asset Management
Seilern Investment Management
Simpler Trading
Sprott Inc.
Stuyvesant Capital Management
TG Macro LLC
Wells Fargo


Adam Rozencwajg
Alan Greenspan
Andrew Aziz
Andrew Jung
Andy McCulloch
Arik Ben Dor
Arthur Hyde
Aswath Damodaran
Ben Breitholtz
Benjamin Halliburton
Bob Lang
Brian McGough
Charles Schwab
Chris Versace
Christophe Ollari
Dan Loeb
Dan Passarelli
Davis Edwards
Dylan Grice
Ed Yardeni
Edwin Elton
Emad Mostaque
Eric Fry
Galen Burghardt
Gary Antonacci
Gary Shilling
Gerald Jensen
Gontran de Quillacq
Grant Williams
Greg Diamond
Greg Vaughan
Gregory Weldon
Howard Penney
Jared Dillian
Jason Bond
Jason Goepfert
Jay Van Sciver
Jayme Wiggins
Jeff Snider
John Del Vecchio
John Stephenson
Jonathan Satovsky
Jonathan Tepper
Josh Brown
Josh Steiner
Keith Brown
Keith McCullough
Kevin Davey
Kevin Muir
Kirk Wickman
Larry McDonald
Larry McMillan
Larry Robins
Larry Swedroe
Liz Ann Sonders
Louis Navellier
Louise Lane
Luis Garcia-Feijoo
Luke Ellis
Marc Lichtenfeld
Marco Kolanovic
Marcos Carreira
Mark Galasiewski
Mark Sebastian
Markus Heitkoetter
Martin Pring
Michael Covel
Michael Kahn
Mike Taylor
Mish Schneider
Mona El Isa
Naufal Sanaullah
Neil George
Neil Schofield
Patrick Gregory
Peter Seilern
Raoul Pal
Rishesh Singh
Ron Rowland
Ronnie Stoeferle
Sabrina Fox
Samuel Rines
Scott Skyrm
Slobodan Jovanovic
Stephanie Ruhle
Stephen Brown
Stephen Perry
Steve Clapham
Steve Cohen
Steven Bleiberg
Steven Hawkins
Tim Sykes
Todd Jordan
Tom Gentile
Tony Carrion
Trevor Mottl
Vicki Bryan
Vincent Catalano
William Bernstein


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Booming markets without savings are not an accumulation of resources, but are an accumulation of claims on existing resources

Equity Pricing

  • Equity prices are often hindered by rising rates
    • safer fixed income options might look comparatively better
    • higher rates lowers discounted values
    • higher rates increase interest expenses for companies
  • Equity prices are also impacted by macro factors