Dominique Dwor-Frécaut

Dominique Dwor-Frécaut

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Dominique Dwor-Frécaut is a well-known macro thinker and economist, and Senior Macro Strategist at Macro Hive, a leading provider of global macro and financial market research and strategy. In her role, she is involved in thematic research on drivers of inflation, monetary policies, and market regimes. She has also been involved in Macro Hive's thought leadership on the impact of Covid-19 on economies and markets. Dwor-Frécaut has over two decades of experience in the industry. Since 2012, she has been producing alpha generating trade ideas in FX and rates in emerging markets and G10 at established and startup macro hedge funds as an investment strategist. Dwor-Frécaut has developed in-depth analysis of central bank policies and procedures drawing on her experience at the New York Fed, IMF, and World Bank. Prior to moving to the US., she covered Asian and global emerging markets at Barclays Capital, ABN AMRO and RBS from Singapore. She has also briefed investment teams on key economic and political developments, and has educated investors in briefings on fund portfolio, views, and strategies.

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