Samuel Rines

Samuel Rines

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Samuel Rines is Managing Director and Economist at Corbu, a research intelligence and advisory platform focusing on the intersection of markets, policy, and national security. Previously, Rines was Chief Economist at Avalon Investment & Advisory, a Texas-based independent registered investment adviser. He served as the Portfolio Manager of Avalon’s Global Macro Strategy, and was also responsible for creating and communicating the firm's asset allocation recommendations both internally and externally. Before that, he was an Economist and Analyst at Chilton Capital Management, where he managed Chilton’s equity portfolios, and was responsible for formulating the firm’s macroeconomic views. Rines is known for having a unique twist on the news of the day, and frequently writes on the cross-section of the economy and markets. Rines is the author of “After Normal: Making Sense of the Global economy.”

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  • Rines'  writing has been featured in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The National Interest, and CNBC.

  • His insights have also been covered by Bloomberg and Reuters , long with other media outlets. 

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.