Six Times a Year
Full Name
Worth Magazine

Worth is an American financial, wealth management and lifestyle magazine that connects, informs and inspires our community to be their best selves and make an impact on the world through expert content, live and digital events, podcasts, videos and more. A definitive personal finance and lifestyle magazine for high net worth readers, the publication addresses the relevant financial, legal and lifestyle issues unique to high net worth individuals. Worth focuses on entrepreneurship, wealth management, philanthropy, travel, life’s pleasures and passions as well as financial content publishing services, helping clients with up-to-date information in the country. Worth was founded in 1986 and was re-launched by Sandow in 2009.

  • Worth is mailed six times a year to individuals listed on a proprietary database of high net Worth households in major markets.

  • The magazine is also available on a limited basis at select newsstands, with a cover price of $18.95.

  • It is also available via SANDOW's exclusive network of newsstands at leading private airports nationwide.

  • It offers stories ranging from dynamic wealth creators to expert advice on wealth management.

  • Worth's key communities include online events, feature articles, reports, partner content, podcasts, videos, summits and intimate dinners.

  • It seeks diversity of gender, race, experience, opinion and background in all of the content they produce.

Worth Magazine's 4 Sections

  1. Make - Focuses on wealth creation and entrepreneurship

  2. Grow - Centers on wealth management and investing

  3. Live - Highlights philanthropy, lifestyle and passion investing

  4. Curator - Covers luxury products, services and experiences