Amlan Roy

Amlan Roy

Formal First Name

Amlan Roy is a Senior Managing Director and Head of Global Macro Research at State Street. He is a skilled global Macro researcher with more than 30 years of experience across banking, policy advisory, and academia. Roy has a particular focus on how demographics and pensions relate to economics, public policy, and investments. His Macro strategic Research draws on macroeconomics, portfolio theory, behavioral economics, statistics, derivatives, and econometrics. He also presents to institutional clients across over 30 countries.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Roy has successfully predicted economic and social events such as Greece’s Bankruptcy and The Arab Spring. 
  • At Credit Suisse, he drew up the Demographic Manifesto, which has been cited by more than 45 governments that have gone on to change their minimum retirement age. 
  • He spent over a decade in academia with a distinguished teaching career in the US and the UK.
  • He also served as an expert on Financial Architecture and Crises Modelling at the Bank of England, IMF, and UK Treasury.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.