Cormac Kinney

Cormac Kinney

Formal First Name
6/18/1971 - present

Cormac Kinney is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Standard, the producer of the only regulator-approved diamond commodity. He is a preeminent software entrepreneur who invented heatmaps and designed over 100 institutional trading systems for companies and hedge funds. A quantitative and statistical arbitrage portfolio manager, Kinney is also known for pioneering computational linguistics and perfecting sentiment analysis for securities trading. He has established at least 6 startups to date, with four acquired by public companies or investment funds.

Professional Experience

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  • Kinney is the inventor of the only regulator-approved diamond commodity.
  • His innovations have been cited in nearly 4,000 U.S. Patents.
  • He raised and managed over $500 million from hedge funds including Tudor Investment Corp and Millennium Partners.
  • He built Network, a business social network integrated into premium news publications which was acquired by News Corp.
  • He invented real time and big data technologies in various computer science areas, including:
    • social networks
    • heatmaps
    • real time factory optimization
    • trade cost analysis
    • real time news sentiment analysis for securities trading
    • wireless encrypted authentication for physical goods and blockchain applications