Millennium Management

Millennium Management is a global alternative investment management firm that pursues a diverse array of investment strategies across industry sectors, asset classes, and geographies. With a prominent presence across the financial landscape, Millennium employs a range of investment approaches, including quantitative, fundamental, and event-driven strategies. The firm also has a strong focus on risk management and employs a systematic approach to investing. Millennium uses advanced technology and sophisticated modeling techniques to analyze market trends and identify investment opportunities.


  • $61.1bn+ AUM

  • 30+ Year track record

  • 5,500+ Employees


RV Fundamental Equity

  • Millennium performs fundamental research on companies both as generalists and as specialists within a particular sector or sub-sector.

Equity Artbitrage. 

  • Their team pursues a variety of systematic and fundamental arbitrage strategies across different parts of a firm’s capital structure and a variety of derivatives, such as merger arbitrage, event-driven strategies, convertible arbitrage, option-volatility trading, and others.

Fixed Income Strategies. 

  • Their teams manage a number of different strategies including rates, macro, credit, mortgages and asset-backed securities, and commodities.

Quantitative Strategies.

  • Their teams build and enhance investment processes that are primarily quantitatively driven and focused on a variety of asset classes, including global equities, interest rates, foreign exchange instruments, and commodity-linked derivative instruments.