Andy Constan

Andy Constan

Formal First Name
Andrew (Andy)

Andy Constan is Founder, CEO and CIO of Damped Spring Advisors, a consultant to macro hedge funds. Andy has spent the past 33 years investing and trading global markets. Throughout his career, he has developed an extensive understanding of systematic quantitative research and investment while also deeply appreciating the importance of the insights that arise from discretionary investing strategies. Andy specialized in macro investing working at Bridgewater Associates as an Idea Generator and most recently at Brevan Howard as Chief Strategist. He also had a successful career in diverse situations including 17 years at Salomon Brothers. Andy has generated consistent alpha returns in equity and equity derivative relative value investing. He specializes in global volatility arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage and special situation/event driven arbitrage.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Archeus Capital, he was responsible for creating the equity relative value trading strategies, including Capital structure arbitrage and equity volatility trading.

  • He was a key player in the growth of Archeus’ portfolio to $3BN, and marketed the firm’s capabilities to prospective clients and secured new business

  • He has a unique combination of relative value investment expertise, understanding of global macron and the impact of economic factors to relative value trading strategies.

  • He also has expertise in risk management and portfolio construction, and has practical experience in global markets resulting in low cost trading and liquidity optimization.



  • He developed the volatility pillar of the company and helped drive the Pure Alpha Fund investment performance.

  • He led the portfolio construction and trading execution analytics departments, with 40 investment associates/quantitative researchers.

  • He led the development of a new volatility trading strategy and introduced new volatility trading products to the portfolio.