Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal

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Raoul Pal has been in the financial markets for 27 years. He started his financial career teaching traders about technical analysis before working with a British investment bank that got him in the world of derivatives markets. After this, he started writing macroeconomic investment research for the world’s biggest hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, government organizations, and high-net-worth family offices. Pal had an insider's view of the financial world before thee devastating 2008 crash and was dissatisfied by both the financial institutions and the mainstream media’s coverage of monetary issues. Seeking to democratize financial information, Pal is a disrupting force with Real Vision, a publisher of financial information in video, audio, and written form.

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2020 Coronavirus

- believes in Feb/March 2020 that the Coronavirus is a black swan risk

- expects it will have a huge economic impact

- might be the biggest economic event in our lifetime