Technical Analysis


Technical Analysis is the definitive guide to technical analysis, written from a trader's perspective. It explores, explains, and examines the application of technical analysis in futures trading. It contains a comprehensive guide to chart analysis written with a particular focus on trading applications. Technical Analysis also details and illustrates several original trading systems and includes a self-contained primer on cyclical analysis. This invaluable book is destined to become the premier industry guide on technical analysis for many years to come.

Praise for Technical Analysis

"Jack Schwager has accomplished the rarest of feats in this book. He has presented the material in a way that both the professional and layman can profit from. It is a must-read for traders on all levels."

Stanley Druckenmiller, Managing Director, Soros Fund Management

"Jack Schwager's Technical Analysis is exactly what one should expect from this expert on futures. The book is comprehensive, thoroughly insightful, and highly educational. I recommend it to the beginner as well as the expert."

Leo Melamed, Chairman, Sakura Dellsher, Inc.

"Jack Schwager possesses a remarkable ability to extract the important elements of complex, market-timing approaches, and distill that into something intelligible and useful. Not only is he able to present these ideas cleverly in an easily understood format, but he also demonstrates their application to the markets with clarity and precision."

Thomas R. DeMark, Author, The New Science of Technical Analysis

"Jack Schwager's book, A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets, was one of the best books I have read on futures trading. We give a copy of it to all our new analysts. Jack's latest work, Technical Analysis, looks like a gold mine of information, adding significantly to the existing investment literature."

Monroe Trout, President, Trout Trading Management Co.