Galaxy Interactive

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Galaxy Interactive, an offering of Galaxy Digital, is a stage-agnostic venture fund focused on companies operating at the intersection of content, finance and technology. A fund focused on next-generation interactive technology, Galaxy Interactive is dedicated to digital collectibles and building a metaverse. The fund was established to fill a gap in funding available to companies in the interactive sector such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based games. Galaxy Interactive has been amongst the most active videogame and blockchain investors in the world since its inception in 2018, with $650 million in AUM across its two funds and investments in more than 75 companies.


  • Galaxy Interactive was an early investor in areas such as digital collectibles, now generally called non-fungible tokens built on the blockchain. 

  • It’s also invested in companies creating new kinds of AI-driven immersive experiences, components of the Metaverse, and more.

  • Galaxy has already been very active in the sector, investing in companies such as Mythical Games, Immutable Games, Forte and The Sandbox, over the past couple of years.

  • Galaxy Interactive is part of Galaxy Digital, a publicly-listed, diversified merchant bank specializing in digital assets and blockchain technology.

  • It is the second fund in a growing product suite of multi-LP fund offerings within Galaxy Digital Asset Management ("GDAM").



  • Retail equity, crowdfunding and security-based NFTs

  • Web3 and open finance

  • Interactive social posts and remixing

  • Marketplaces for virtual goods

  • Virtual fashion brands

  • Immersive social narrative

  • Digital tabletop experiences

  • AR/VR for the masses

  • Cloud-native social sandbox worlds

  • Trustless games and player-owned virtual economies

  • Digital theme parks for live sports

  • Skill-based gaming

  • Mobile mash-ups

  • AI-driven character creation

  • Cloud engines enabling massively interactive live events

  • Back-end as a service

  • Social tokens