Toews Asset Management

Toews Corporation
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Toews Asset Management is a registered investment advisor that specializes in both equity and fixed income markets. It builds and manages portfolios that seek to reduce the risk of loss in crisis environments and attempt to participate in market gains. Toews is advancing the practice of applied behavioral finance to design and implement plans of action for investors ahead of market disruptions and attempt to address market risks.


Defensive Alpha

Defensive Alpha strategies seek to invest in a global allocation of market blend indices during rising markets but attempt to exit the equity portion to defensive, low volatility stocks in the early stages of market declines. When markets rebound, the portfolios are expected to return to the target allocation.

Unconstrained Tactical

Unconstrained Tactical strategies attempt to track global allocations of market blend indices during rising markets, but seek to move exposure to fixed income instruments and/or cash as prices start to move lower. When markets begin to rebound, the portfolios attempt to return to fully invested positions.

Tactical Fixed Income

Fixed Income strategies attempt to tactically allocate assets among High Yield, Aggregate, TIPS, and/or Short Duration Bonds. It aims to improve yields and to mitigate interest rate and inflation risks.