Phillip Toews

Phillip Toews

Formal First Name
Felipe (Phillip)

Phillip Toews is the Founder and CEO of Toews Asset Management, a tactical asset manager and leader in risk management. He leads his team in providing meticulously-designed training courses, workshops and consulting services driven by research and behavioral science to clients. A pioneer in the field of tactical asset management, Toews is focused on creating “investor friendly” products and is an outspoken advocate of changing and improving investment vehicles to serve clients’ needs. He speaks regularly on issues regarding investments, and is an outspoken advocate of change in investment products. He is also the Founder and CEO of the Behavioral Investing Institute, an organization devoted to helping advisors manage investor behavior through market challenges. Prior to forming his firm, Toews worked as a financial planner and money manager.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Toews is a leader in risk management, offering a suite of ETFs, funds and strategies that strive to capture upside market exposure while maintaining downside risk.

  • The firm aims to help investors realize their goals while addressing the economic and psychological challenges they face. 

  • They also offer expertise in both equity and fixed income markets, including options hedged strategies.

  • Their funds are designed to invest in instruments that track market indices during rising markets, but deploy loss avoidance strategies during falling markets.