Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

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Kevin Kelly is Co-founder and Head of Research at Delphi Digital, the premiere Research firm in digital assets. As Head of Global Macro Strategy at Delphi, he provides key insight on the salient trends impacting both traditional and digital asset markets, helping bridge the gap between conventional market analysis and blockchain-specific applications. Kevin aims to advance awareness of crypto assets and their allocation benefits in today's unique investing environment. His core focus lies at the intersection of global macroeconomic trends, financial markets, and the emergence of crypto and digital assets. Prior to launching Delphi, he was an equity analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, where he provided insights on global equity markets for a wide range of institutional clients. Currently, Kevin is the host of Macro Matters, a podcast that examines key investment themes across various asset classes under The Delphi podcast brand. He is also a Partner at Delphi Ventures and Co-Founder of ScienceMagic.Studios, a digital assets venture studio founded as a joint venture between ScienceMagic.Inc and Delphi Digital.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • As an equity strategist at Bloomberg, he leveraged fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis to develop unique investment insights.

  • He also expressed key investment themes through multiple mediums, including print reports and financial media.

  • He collaborated with Bloomberg News to produce original content on investment ideas highlighting Bloomberg data sets.


  • Kevin is often cited in financial journalism or can be found discussing markets across various financial media outlets.

  • He has been featured in CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision multiple times.