Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt

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Ben Hunt is the author of Epsilon Theory, a newsletter and website that examines markets through the lens of game theory and history. Since its launch in 2013, over 100,000 professional investors and allocators across 200 countries have read his work. Hunt is also the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Second Foundation Partners, responsible for determining the company's investment views and positioning of model portfolios, and also the primary author of materials distributed through Epsilon Theory. Hunt is a market strategist and expert in game theory and econometrics. Previously, he was Chief Risk Officer and Chief Investment Strategist for Salient, one of the country's top asset management boutiques, where he developed investment strategies for the firm and worked with portfolio managers and key clients to incorporate his investment views into their decision-making process. Hunt began his investment career in 2003, first in venture capital, and subsequently on two long/short equity hedge funds. He has also co-founded and later sold three technology companies.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Getting to War (Univ. of Michigan Press, 1997)

  • Policy and Party Competition (Routledge, 1992)


  • Hunt a featured contributor to a wide range of investment publications and media programming.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.