Institutional Investor

Full Name
Institutional Investor Magazine

Institutional Investor is a magazine that publishes global research and issues rankings that often serve as industry benchmarks. Published monthly periodicals since its foundation in 1967, it became digital in 2018. It provides daily institutional investing news and inside stories on all things asset management—from breaking news to long-form investigative features that consists of cutting-edge, essential content to key decision-makers in the financial services industry. Institutional Investor represents a range of expertise in financial journalism, consistently distinguishing itself among the world’s foremost financial publications and intelligence for a global audience.

  • Provides award-winning editorial for the world’s most influential decision-makers in global asset management and banking.
  • Involves in-depth coverage of the people and events impacting the world’s economy and all facets of institutional asset management.
  • Offers highly-respected proprietary benchmark research and rankings on buy-side and sell-side research, hedge funds, corporates, fixed income, and asset management, and has a proven history of anticipating the personalities and trends most likely to influence the global financial markets.
  • Reaches a highly engaged global audience and has regular features that focus on Social Currency, Corner Office, Portfolio, and Masters (formerly Research & Rankings).