O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

Founding Date

O'Shaughnessy Asset Management is a leading quantitative asset management firm and a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton. OSAM manages over $6 billion in assets for institutional investors, individual investors, and high-net-worth clients of financial advisors. The firm offers a broad range of equity portfolios, including Custom Indexes via OSAM’s flagship Canvas® platform, which are tailored to the specific needs of individual investors. OSAM also serves as the investment advisor for a U.S. mutual fund and as a sub advisor to a family of mutual funds through the Royal Bank of Canada. OSAM was acquired by Franklin Templeton in 2022. The firm has retained its brand and over 40 of its team members have joined Franklin Templeton.


  • OSAM's investment philosophy is based on the belief that there are certain factors that have historically led to superior investment returns over the long term. 

  • These factors include value, momentum, quality, and size. OSAM uses its proprietary research to identify and invest in companies that exhibit these factors.


  • Canvas is OSAM's custom indexing platform. It allows investors to build and implement their own investment strategies. 

  • It is a powerful tool that can be used to create portfolios that are tailored to the specific needs and risk tolerances of individual investors.

  • Canvas users can choose from a variety of factors and asset classes to build their portfolios. They can also customize their portfolios to avoid certain stocks or industries, or to align with their personal values.

  • Canvas is a good option for investors who want to take control of their own investments, as well as for financial advisors who want to offer their clients a more personalized investment experience.


  • Canvas demo. 

The Canvas demo provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to build and implement a portfolio using Canvas.

  • Canvas user guide. 

The Canvas user guide provides a comprehensive overview of all of the features and functionality of Canvas.

  • Canvas FAQ page. 

The Canvas FAQ page answers the most common questions about Canvas.