Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold

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Dan Arnold is the President and Chief Executive Officer of LPL Financial, a leader in the retail finance advice market and one of the nation's largest independent broker/dealers. Dan is responsible for the company’s primary client-facing functions and long-term strategy for growth. He sets the strategy and direction for the company with the board, while leading the senior executive team in shaping and communicating the values and operating principles of the organization. Prior to joining LPL, he worked at UVEST for 13 years, a leading provider of investment services to banks and credit unions, where he most recently served as President and Chief Operating Officer. Earlier, he spent seven years in the telecommunications industry, holding leadership roles with BellSouth and MCI in corporate finance, sales, and marketing.

Professional Experience

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  • Dan oversaw the company’s primary client-facing functions and led its Advisor and Institution Solutions business unit.

  • He focused on business development, existing advisor and institution growth, enhancing the client experience, the company’s research capabilities and its sponsor partnerships.

  • Previously, he was CFO and was responsible for formulating financial policy, leading the company’s capital management efforts.

  • He was Managing Director & Head of Strategy responsible for long-term strategic planning, product development, and strategic investments.