Neil Dutta

Neil Dutta

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Neil Dutta is Managing Director, Partner, and Head of Economics at Renaissance Macro Research, where he leads the macroeconomic research efforts with focus on analyzing the US economy, Federal Reserve, global trends, and cross-market investment themes. He Heads the team in combining big-picture thinking with strong data analyses to produce useful economic forecasts, and formulates, publishes, and markets the firm’s economic views to institutional clients and financial media. Dutta is a business economist with over 15 years of sell-side experience. Prior to joining Renaissance macro, he was a Senior economist at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch where he covered both the US and Canada markets. Before that, he was an analyst at Barron’s, the Dow Jones Financial Weekly. In addition to his roles in Renaissance macro, he serves as an Opinion Contributor for business Insider.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He spearheaded the economics practice by providing leadership and visibility on economic, financial and cross-market themes.

  • He has directed economists and analysts on providing reliable economic and policy forecasts leveraging data-driven analysis and modeling.

  • He has also implemented an appropriate global economic research agenda for institutional clients and financial media.


  • As a contributor for Bloomberg View Prophets, he authored a column on the economy and financial markets.

  • At Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, he authored weekly research notes on special topics for both the US and global economy.

  • He also represented the firm in the financial media, and served as a trading desk and research economist that reported directly to the Chief US economist.