Felix Hartmann

Felix Hartmann

Formal First Name
1/11/1955 - present

Felix Hartmann is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Hartmann Capital. He is a tech entrepreneur and futurist who started his career as an active trader in equities, derivatives, and crypto-assets. He soon discovered the potential of digital assets and has immersed himself in the space since then. Hartmann is now a highly regarded crypto economics expert that helps startups and legacy institutions find ways to leverage blockchain technology and crypto-assets. He is also a bestselling author and leading voice on social media, championing topics like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Hartmann has been one of the longest digital asset hedge fund managers in the space, navigating the 2018 bear market, 2020 Covid Crash, and the 2021 Bull market
  • He is recognized as one of the first Crypto Fund Activists, adding value to projects after acquiring significant stakes on the public markets. 
  • He has been an early investor in countless projects, including Enzyme Finance ($4), Terra ($0.20), Chiliz ($0.01), Aave ($27), SNX ($0.5), Maker ($300), and NXM ($17).
  • His clients have ranged from Draper-backed startups to multi-billion dollar merchant banks. 
  • He was one of only 130 individuals selected to be part of the first Ethereum Developer Academy sponsored by Ethereum founder Joseph Lubin back in 2017.
  • His focus and expertise in the realm of digital assets have led him to advise billion-dollar merchant banks, G8 nations.
  • He is one of the first lecturers on the topic of bitcoin and blockchain at several universities.
  • He founded Crypto Academy, one of the largest crypto trader and investor educational platforms.
  • He has since advised several blockchain projects. 


  • Hartmann is regularly quoted by the media on crypto-assets, decentralization, and blockchain.
  • He has been featured in mainstream news from Forbes, Nasdaq, and the Times to industry outlets like BTC-Echo, Cointelegraph, and CryptoSlate.