30 Day Dividends

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30 Day Dividends is an innovative approach to income generation that is proven to work in any market conditions. It seeks to reward subscribers with steady income using conservative short duration covered call trades. This premium service employs the strategy of event based trades with deep understanding of how to play some of the fastest moving stocks in the market. The ultimate goal is to deliver quick gains that range from two to four times greater than the published dividend yield.


2-3 NEW “D-D” trades every month

I’ll send you the trades and how to execute them

30 Day Dividends Monthly Newsletter

Each issue is packed with thoughts on the month ahead, updates on the trades, what’s working, what’s not. After 12 months of these issues, you’ll be in the top 1% of those understanding options. (You also get free access to 54 back issues for more education.)

LIVE Strategy Session

Every month, both Jay and I hop on a call with all subscribers and go through our predictions on the market ahead, we discuss our trades, but most importantly, we answer your questions. The Q&A sessions sometimes go 30-45 minutes alone. We’re an open book, ask away. (You also get access to our past Strategy Sessions for free as well. All sessions are recorded).

TOP 3 Disruptive Dividends for $103,000 Income Report

These are my top 3 stocks to trade options on and collect income. One pays out a 12% yield which you could collect 69% annualized gains on top of that. 

Video Channel

Access built right into your login portal. There you get video training on how to place your trades and other common questions (including portfolio management).  Jay recorded a 3-part video series on the “D-D” strategy alone. 


Jay Soloff will send free trade alerts on stocks that don’t pay dividends: Some good stocks don’t pay dividends like Netflix. Jay can help you manufacture a dividend for yourself. Annualized returns included 63% and 46% returns on BOX.