Commodity Derivatives

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Commodity Derivatives: Markets and Applications

With a complete and accessible reference for anyone studying commodity markets and their associated derivatives, Commodity Derivatives: markets and Applications by Neil Schofield primarily contains counter structures. The book consists of extensive coverage of both hard and soft commodities including gold, crude oil, electricity, plastics, emissions, and agriculture. Each chapter focuses on how the products could be used along the physical supply chain and seeks to identify the main market risks and how they can be hedged. It is a good read for those wishing to learn about the main features of the commodity markets, the mechanics of derivatives, and how they are applied.

"This is a timely book, written with great clarity, and full of valuable insights. It will be essential reading for experienced professionals and for newcomers to commodity derivatives alike."

Andrew Chisholm, Consultant and Author

"Neil's book is quite timely as the number of institutions gearing up their commodities trading capabilities continues to grow. As he rightly points out, good research is hard to come by in the vast world of commodities. Neil has done a brilliant job in organizing the book and laying out the foundations of the different markets, as well as tackling the more advanced concepts. His years of experience as a trainer, has prepared him to explain the most simple, to the most complex topics. He has clearly been able to make the transition from trainer to author. The commodities world can seem arcane but Neil has 'cracked' this unique asset class with a final product that all participants will be able to use."

Ken Kapner, President and CEO Global, Financial Market Institute Inc.