Gavekal Fathom China

Gavekal Fathom China

Parent Entity

Gavekal Fathom China is a corporate research unit focused on companies, industries and corporate situations in China. It caters institutional investors and company executives who need targeted research involving on-the-ground information and analysis. Offering independent third-party research, Gavekal Fathom China tells the truth about what is happening in China through clear, concise reports that do not waste your time. Its strength is figuring out the right questions to ask, then finding people who can answer those questions. The research avoids material non-public information. The work can be divided into two basic types: subscription reports and custom research.

Annual subscriptions get you company profiles and industry analysis, with research targets defined by clients:

  1. Fathom Profiles. Detailed reports on 10-12 Chinese firms, mostly mid-caps.
  2. Quick-A. Brief analytical reports on 50 A-shares companies. Reports focus on management quality, competitiveness and red flags.
  3. China Chips. High-frequency coverage of China’s fast-moving semiconductor industry.
  4. China VOD. Monthly analysis of developments in the VOD industry in China.

Custom reports either lie outside the scope of subscription reports or must be written for your eyes only. Topics can include a deep dive on management, the prospects of a company’s new strategy, the likelihood that a merger will receive regulatory approval, fact checking short attacks, monitoring a company over time or other topics of your choosing.

Gavekal Fathom China can respond as fast as 24 hours.