Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

Full Name
Option Trading Strategies for Beginners: The Crash Course That Will Guide You to Success on 2019/2020. How to Start Passive Income for a Living Through Daily Tricks

Have you been looking for a crash course to learn more about generating passive income and finally acquiring financial freedom? Then look no further. Author Tony Rental provides an introduction to financial assets such as stocks, future, forex, derivatives, and options, along with their characteristics and mechanics to trade them. Option Trading Strategies for Beginners also covers the development of understanding the strategies and familiarizing oneself with related concepts, including vertical spread, calendar spread, and butterfly spread. This book also discusses risk management and portfolio protection, allowing you to generate a consistent income through options trading.

This book helps you to be successful through the trading of different assets. You can:

  • Develop an understanding of financial assets and derivatives along with their key characteristics.
  • Learn how you can combine options contracts to create the best strategies and familiarize yourself with types of spreads.
  • Learn to use implied volatility and the vix to understand the mood of the stock market.
  • Hone your option trading skills and generate constant income through trading.
  • Learn to manage your risks and how you can protect your stock portfolios.