Pay Attention

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Pay Attention: 101 Ways To Tame The Narrative Machine, Be A Smarter Media Consumer And Stop Outsourcing Your Thinking

The disinformation age is drowning us in a deluge of data—facts and opinion. It consumes our attention. The result of this deficit of attention is the rise of fake news, media bias, and polarised society. It may feel like we are making our own well-informed decisions. More often than not that is an illusion driven by the narrative machine. Pay Attention unravels the truth about the power of media narratives, the breakdown in trust, and why our attention has been diverted from what matters. This book offers 101 ways in which each of us can fight back.

Praise for Pay Attention

“Peter brilliantly shows that the key to better thinking and decision making in this day and age is to understand not the content, but the narrative.”

Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA, CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research

“Learn how to weed out fact from fiction with Peter’s book by your side.”

Samir Madani, Tanker Trackers

“It is imperative for consumers to understand the underlying factors that shape the narrative.”

Nathaniel E. Baker, Contrarian Investor Podcast