Safely Buy Gold and Silver

Full Name
Safely Buy Gold and Silver: Guaranteed Success For Newbie Bullion Investors: Learn Who The Trusted Precious Metal Dealers Are,How To Get The Best Price,Which ... Is The Better Investment - Gold or Silver?

Safely Buy Gold and Silver is primarily written for novice precious metal investors who have expressed concerns and worries in the playing field. This book shows you how to buy gold and silver precious metals in bar form or coin form. It tells who the trusted dealers are and how to get the best prices online. Anyone interested in buying gold or silver bars or rounds or coins and investing in precious metals should read this book.

Some of these concerns are:

  • How do I know the gold or silver bars I just bought are real?
  • Can I trust the dealer I want to buy from or have bought from?
  • Are those gold or silver coins I saw online for such a good price, fakes?
  • Even if the precious metals I just bought are real, how do I know their metal content?
  • Are they 100% silver or just 80%: silver mixed with other metals?
  • When it comes time to sell – who do I sell to?
  • How do I get the best price?