The 3% Signal

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The 3% Signal: The Investing Technique That Will Change Your Life

In today's troubling economic times, the quality of our retirement depends upon our own portfolio management. But for most of us, investing can be stressful and confusing, especially when supposedly expert predictions fail. Enter The 3% Signal. By targeting 3% percent growth and adjusting holdings to meet that goal, even novice investors can level the financial playing field and ensure a secure retirement free from the stress of noisy advice that doesn't work. The 3% Signal is sure to become your most trusted guide to investing success.

Praise for The 3% Signal

"We often hear and have come to believe, that models beat experts. Kelly offers the individual investor a simple, mechanical model that instills discipline, removes a lot of self-sabotaging emotion, and has a good track record. Will it continue to outperform? Actually, it just might."

Brenda Jubin