The Bowser Report

Parent Entity

Since its foundation in 1976, The Bowser Report has become a financial newsletter publication that specializes in microcap stocks that are trading for $3 or less per share. This monthly newsletter recommends “blue chip penny stocks” and uncovers exciting investment opportunities that teaches and encourages a proven strategy for buying and selling small stocks that has generated substantial profits for thousands of subscribers. It drives profits for individual investors by publishing in-depth research and analysis on unique investment opportunities, and also provides weekly market recaps and analysis, latest headlines and top insider transactions. This publication also extends its expertise in the fields of penny stock analysis, financial news, and reporting.

  • The Bowser Founder, Max Bowser, formed what became the Bowser Rating System and Bowser Game Plan, which together form an investment strategy for buying and selling mini-priced stocks.
  • Through The Bowser Report, you’ll discover a unique mini priced stock monthly and read analysis on former picks to guide your investment decisions.
  • Each month, they publish the newsletter which features a “Company of the Month”, as well as a follow-up on current and past recommendations.

Each subscription includes:

  • 8-page monthly newsletter
  • Weekly market and news updates
  • Big gainer alerts
  • Exclusive forum for subscribers only